System Migration Service

System Migration Service

Our system migration service involves the process of transferring data from the old system to the new system utilising a design for data extraction where data is read from the old system and data loading where data is written to the new system between computer storage types or file formats. It is a key consideration for any system implementation, upgrade, or consolidation including server or storage equipment replacements, maintenance or upgrades, application migration, website consolidation and data centre relocation. Click here for more service.

Inclusions of Our System Migration Service

Full Image Backup

  • Create an exact replica of an entire disk or a selected partition to enable fast recovery or migration to another computer.
  • Exact sector-by-sector state
  • Keep your backups recoverable using validation
  • Automatically split backup files into smaller files
    • Copying to various external media
    • Uploading to cloud services with file size limitations.

Disk Cloning

  • The process of copying the contents of one computer hard disk to another disk
    • Copying hidden and in-use files
    • Operating systems, programs, settings and all data
  • Hard drive upgrade
  • Provisioning new computers
  • Full system backup


  • Erasing all information on the disk drive by formatting the disk drive to prepare that disk to be used for other data.
    • Correct a major data corruption
    • Check to see if the disk is bad
    • Clean the disk drive.

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